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Welcome viewers! On this page you will be able to follow some of the major accomplishments made by the IADC, since the beginning of the international airport project.

In considering the major achievements for the Argyle International Airport, it is important to go back to where it all began, with a Cabinet Oversight Committee, which had its first meeting at Cabinet room in January 2004. This Committee was chaired by the Hon. Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves and included senior ministers of government and senior technical officers from various ministries and state agencies.

It was this Committee, after months of careful analysis of the various studies available on airport development on mainland St Vincent, made the recommendation to Cabinet to select Argyle as the site for the new international airport. This Committee also recommended that the moratorium on the kitchen site be terminated and one be placed on Argyle. It was also at this meeting that it was suggested that Cabinet requests the Central Planning Division to prepare a proposal for the development of an Airport Development Implementation Unit, which was to be housed in the Ministry of Finance and Planning. This idea gave birth to the International Airport Development Company (IADC), with a mandate to construct the Argyle International Airport, and thereafter to arrange for its effective management.

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