Year 2005

It was August 8th 2005 when Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves addressed a gathering at the Methodist Church Hall on the issue of airport development in St Vincent and the Grenadines, and made clear the intentions of the government to construct an international airport at Argyle.

In what is now an historic speech, Prime Minister Dr. Gonsalves addressed two crucial questions.

The following is a quote from Dr Gonsalves speech.

“I begin first by answering two queries posed by some persons:

  • Does St. Vincent and the Grenadines really need an international airport?
  • And if we need one, can we afford one?

Fundamentally, both questions are inter-related. Having studied this issue for many years, it is clear to the ULP administration and its leadership that the full realization of the potential of our country’s growth and development hinge on an international airport, among other vital considerations.
The requisites of economic diversification and regional and international competitiveness demand an international airport.”
Following this speech, work on the Argyle International Airport began in earnest. In September 2005, a team of Cuban and Venezuelan engineers and technicians began preliminary studies on the project. These studies included (a) complete topographic surveys of the area earmarked for the international airport; (b) testing of the rocks and soils within the airport zone; and (c) commencement of wind studies, to determine the best orientation of the main runway, and the need, if any, for a shorter “cross-wind” runway for smaller planes. With the exception of the wind studies, these works concluded by December 2006.

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