Year 2006

In April 2006, the IADC relocated its office from the Administrative Building in Kingstown to Argyle, to make it more accessible to property owners who were soon to be relocated. It also made for more effective management of the project.

Continuing from prior meetings in early 2006, negotiators from the IADC sat down in March 2006 with Mr. Murray Hadaway, to discuss the purchase of some of his lands at Harmony Hall. These negotiations concluded with IADC purchasing 21 acres of Hadaway’s land to be developed and sold to affected Mt Pleasant/Argyle property owners for rebuilding their homes. Shortly after purchasing the land, prisoners from Her Majesty’s Prisons began a year and a half long process of clearing the land to make it ready for infrastructure works.

In addition to the Harmony Hall lands, 3½ acres of land at Carapan were also negotiated and bought from Randolph Bradshaw and family and approximately 3 acres at Diamond were acquired from Mr. Theodore Browne. The Diamond site was initially earmarked for Argyle property owners who had business interests. But with only limited interests expressed by the affected business persons, some parcels of this land were sold for residential purposes.

The firm Civil Design and Surveying Services was contracted by IADC to do the development plan, surveying and supervision of the development works at Harmony Hall. And Housing and Land Development Corporation (HLDC) won the competitive bid for the contract for the infrastructure works at Harmony Hall. As an add-on to their contract, HLDC was retained to do the infrastructure works at the two other sites, at Carapan and Diamond.

April 10th 2006, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, members of staff of the IADC and other officials held a public consultation with residents of the Argyle/Mt Pleasant area to explain to them how the government intended to compensate them for their properties and what concessions were being offered. Among the many things discussed was the fact that property owners would be paid market value for their properties as well as a $10,000.00 relocation allowance. Homeowners were also allowed to take whatever they could from their houses after they were sold to the IADC. The Prime Minister had met with the residents one year prior to that to make them aware of the decision to build the international airport and how it was going to affect them.

In July 2006, the IADC began in earnest, negotiations with homeowners whose homes fell within the airport fence area. There were approximately 131 houses within the fenced area. This followed the submission of valuation reports for built properties and vacant land parcels by Brown and Compay, the British firm contracted by IADC to value the properties at Argyle and Mt Pleasant.

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