Year 2007

The final designs were presented to the Government in December 2007 by the Cuban authorities. These designs were presented to the public at P’tani Resorts on May 27th 2008. The designs provided detailed information for the earthworks, and proposed location of the terminal building, control tower, roads and other support services.

These designs were used, among other things, to guide the earthworks. For the first 12 months of earthworks, the plan was to concentrate on the first kilometre of the runway. This covers the area from the Southern end of the runway (Stubbs Bay end) to the Junction at Argyle, near the properties of the Heir of Colonel Sydney Anderson and the Johnsons.

Construction of the new Windward Highway (Argyle bye-pass road) began on July 16th, 2007. The completion of this road would allow for the closure of the segment of the Windward Highway that runs across the airport runway and would also allow work to proceed on the 2nd kilometre of the runway without causing disruption to vehicular traffic.

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