Returning Nationals Contribute


The Returning Nationals of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, continue to make their contribution to the construction of the Argyle International Airport.

On January 31st, 2013, they handed over 30 thousand dollars to the Argyle International Airport Contributory fund, monies raised from a Dinner and Dance held on Saturday December 1st , 2012, in the village of Spring.

This contribution brought the total sum contributed by Returning Nationals SVG, to EC$75 thousand so far. These monies were raised at various functions, with plans to have other similar fundraisers.

 Speaking at the handing over ceremony, CEO of the International Airport Development Company (IADC), Dr. Rudy Matthias, thanked the returnees for their generous donation towards the airport project. Speaking directly to work done on the project, Dr. Matthias noted that 82 percent of the earthworks have been done, with the remaining 18 percent to be completed by September.

He outlined that other things which remain to be done include; the paving of the runway and aprons. According to Dr. Matthias, they have already identified sources of funding for the purchase of an Asphalt and Concrete Batching plants which are expected to arrive in St. Vincent and the Grenadines sometime between March and April 2013. Dr. Matthias is anticipating the start of actual pavement works to follow thereafter.

The IADC’s CEO also said that arrangements are being put in place to access funding to build the fire station and control tower, work on which should get started by May 2013.

Governor General and patron of the AIA Contributory Fund Sir Frederick Ballantyne, again congratulated the Returnees on their prowess at fund raising and thanked them for their continued contribution to the construction of the Argyle International Airport. He also  applauded them on remaining active in the interest of the country’s development.

President of the Returning Nationals SVG, Nyoka Clouden, recognizing that they could not do it alone took time out to say thank you.

You too can make a contribution to the Argyle International Airport contributory Fund. The account number is 200884 at any branch of the Bank of SVG.

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