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The Argyle International Airport continues to benefit from the generosity of Vincentians at home and in the diaspora, as they continue to show in tangible forms their support for the construction of the airport.

On Tuesday October 16, 2013, Friends of the Argyle International Airport USA represented by its President Godfrey Pitt, handed over a cheque for US$15,000.00 to patron of the AIA Contributory Fund His Excellency Governor General Sir Frederick Ballantyne, at Government House. It was a double handing over ceremony as Interactive Media company which runs the Searchlight Newspaper, handed over a cheque for EC$5,000.00 as well. The cheque from Interactive Media was handed over by Chairman Corlita Ollivierre.


The handing over ceremony was witnessed by Sebastien “Bassy” Alexander, Director of the Board of Interactive Media, Claire Keizer, CEO of Interactive Media and Editor of the Searchlight Newspaper. Also on hand were former Assistant Treasurer of FAIA USA Arthur Deshong, Dillon Pitt and Nyoka Clouden, Chairman of Returning Nationals SVG. The IADC was represented by its Communications Officer, Jennifer Richardson.

During brief remarks at the ceremony the President of FAIA USA Godfrey Pitt, noted that his drive to start an organization to raise funds for the airport stemmed from an experience they had a few years ago even after a chartered flight when for days they still could not get their luggage. He noted also that the international airport is this country’s ticket to development. He encouraged all Vincentians to support the project and to do whatever they can for the development of the country.

Corlita Ollivierre, representing Interactive Media, noted that they saw it as part of their duties as responsible corporate citizens to not only take but to give back to the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. She said they recognize the importance of the project to the development of our country and are pleased to partner with the state in its construction.

The Governor General for his part thanked the donors for their generous contributions. He noted that in this time of economic hardships it is difficult for companies and organizations to make monetary donations to anything. He said that whatever the amount he was happy to be receiving it on behalf of the AIA Contributory Fund. Sir Frederick highlighted that it is his hope that others would follow their lead and contribute as well.

So far FAIA USA has donated a total of US$35,000.00 to the Argyle International Airport, the Vincentian Association of Montreal has donated $2,000.00 Canadian and Returning Nationals SVG has donated EC$75,000.00 and are currently conducting a raffle to raise close to EC$150,000.00 for the airport’s construction.

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