Final pavement works begin at AIA

The much anticipated start of the final layer of concrete pavement works at the site of the Argyle International Airport (AIA) commenced yesterday, June 17, 2014. The AIA has three distinct interconnecting aprons. They are categorized as Commercial, General Aviation and Cargo aprons.

 Currently, final pavement works, are being done using hydraulic concrete, and are concentrated in the area of the Commercial Aviation Apron. The Commercial Apron will serve international passengers and will allow for the simultaneous parking of mixed fleet aircraft such as two (2) Boeing 747-400 and one (1) Boeing 767-200, or similar size aircraft, and six (6) ATR72, ATR42 or DHC-8, or similar size aircraft. This apron is located north of the General Aviation Apron, and has dimensions of 356m x 136m. In the Airport Master Plan, space has been earmarked for expansion of this Commercial Apron northwards.

The General Aviation apron will allow for parking of a mixed fleet of aircraft such as executive jets (Global express, Challenger), DHC-6 twin otter, and islanders. This apron has dimensions of 227m x 145m and will be flanked on the West by 4 aviation hangars.  Finally, the Cargo Apron will be located immediately south of the General Aviation facilities and allow for parking of two (2) aircraft of the size of the Boeing 727 jet. The Cargo Apron has dimensions of 105m x 90m.

The final pavement works on these aprons are programmed to be substantially completed by the end of December 2014.


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