Getting ready to pave the runway



The long awaited paving of the Argyle International Airport runway is now scheduled to begin early in February 2015, and is expected, weather permitting, to be completed by June 2015.


According to Consultant Engineer Rigoberto Andalia Borges, who has responsibility for the industrial area, they did a test run on the asphalt on Thursday January 29th on the stop way at the northern end of the runway. Based on the results of that test he is anticipating that full fledged pavement will begin in early February.

They are proposing to begin the paving of the runway at the northern end and work their way across to the southern end.

As it relates to the hydraulic paving of the aprons; the Commercial Apron is roughly 95% complete. Paving of the turning head on the northern end is complete, while the turning head on the southern end is 34% complete and is expected to be completed by March. Work on the General Aviation apron has begun with the laying of base material in preparation for pavement.

According to Borges, when the turning head on the southern end is completed all attention will be turned to the paving of the General Aviation apron, followed by the cargo apron.

Meanwhile, work continues on the spanning of the Yambou River with the first piece of culvert laid on Tuesday January 27th 2015. This work is being done under the supervision of Technical Advisor, Leonardo Perez.

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