Roman Catholic Church, Cemetery and Shrine

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IADC is working with both the Roman Catholic Community and the Ministry of Health on the relocation of the RC Church, Cemetery and Shrine. The infrastructure works are nearing completion, and the tender for the construction of the Church has been sent out.

Infrastructural works commenced on the 22nd of October 2008. To date the road and parking lots have been established and base has been placed on 90% of the roadway. Road concrete pavement has been placed on 80% of roadway. The entire site is being prepared utilizing IADC equipment.

The Ministry of Health, RC Community and the IADC are making final plans for the relocation of the cemetery to the new site. The Ministry of Health is spearheading the relocation of the cemetery. The next-of-kin of those known to have been buried at the cemetery have already been contacted for their input with the removal and reburial of the remains at the new cemetery.

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