Constructing the Argyle International Airport: Where are we?

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Due to a delay in the start of construction work on the Argyle International Airport Passenger Terminal Building the completion date for the airport has been moved from mid 2012 to mid 2013 when the airport is now expected to be completed and operationalize.
Construction work on the terminal building was scheduled to commence in August of 2010. A tender for its construction was issued on 7th June 2010, but for a variety of reasons, no tender was received by the appointed time for submission of tender.

The Board of Directors subsequently approved the awarding of a contract for the construction of the terminal building to the Taiwanese firm, Overseas Engineering and Construction Company Ltd. (OECC). This contract is worth US$25,094,530.00 and covers construction of the terminal building, electrical substation, internal and external signage, and related preliminaries.
Contractual negotiations with OECC are now finalized and work is due to begin in April 2011.

The IADC will, at some stage this year, enter into contracts with other private firms for the construction of the Fire and Rescue Station, Cargo Terminal Building and Control Tower. However, IADC has decided to do the site works, internal roads, drains and parking areas, using resources already at its disposal.
Meanwhile, as the IADC prepares for the start of construction of the terminal building the pace of the earthworks has picked up to keep the airport on schedule to begin operations by mid-2013. With more than half of the earthworks having been completed, the Chatoyer-Che Contingent is looking to complete most of the remaining earth works by the end of this year. These works include: (a) the continuation of construction of the runway, aprons and taxiways, (b) preparation of the area for the construction of the cargo terminal building, fire and rescue station, and control tower, (c) construction of the culvert in the first kilometre of the runway, (d) commencement of construction work on the culvert for the Yambou River, and (e) work on the sea defenses, at the North-eastern end of the runway.

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