Egyptian Experts To Advice on Possible Relocation of Petroglyphs

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Four members of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture have arrived in St. Vincent and the Grenadines to investigate and advice on the possible relocation of the Petroglyphs at Yamboo.

The relocation of the petroglyphs which are currently resting on the Western side of the Argyle International Airport’s fence is part of a wider Cultural Heritage Plan proposed by the National Trust and funded by the International Airport Development Company (IADC) in the sum of EC$460.000.00

Other aspects of the Cultural Heritage Plan include: (a) retrieval and documentation of archaeological artifacts discovered during earthworks at Argyle, (b) preservation of the derelict sugar mills at Escape and Argyle Gardens and (c) the preparation of a book to document the cultural heritage of Argyle.
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The visit of the Egyptians was however made possible compliments the government of Egypt.
The four member team is headed by Architect, Abu EL Dardaa Abuzaid , Chief of Technical and Engineering Affairs. They will remain in the country for two weeks, during which they will advise the National Trust and make recommendations for prehistoric heritage conservation in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, particularly on the relocation and preservation of the petroglyphs at Yambou.

While here, the team will also engage in other activities including a lecture for students and the public on Tuesday January 18th, beginning at 9:30am at the NIS Building and the annual Dr. Earl Kirby lecture to be presented by the team on the topic: The importance of the SVG Petroglyphs to the world, from an Egyptian perspective.

This lecture also takes place on Tuesday January 18th from 7pm at the Carnegie Building in Kingstown.

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