Rubis to begin work at Stubbs Bay


Rubis, the supplier of Jet fuel at the Argyle International Airport has announced its intention to embark on phase 2 of its construction project, regarding its Aviation facilities at the Argyle International Airport, which will include work on Stubbs Bay from August 1st 2017.


This includes the fabrication and installation of the subsea pipeline and other associated works off Stubbs Bay, from which it will supply its Argyle terminal with jet fuel via ocean going oil tankers.

The overall length of the pipeline is 722m spanning from the tanker’s mooring position to Rubis’ pump house located at the southern end of the runway. The pipeline consists of both steel and HDPE pipes with the steel portion being installed mostly underwater and the HDPE pipe installed on the landside. The pipes will pass through a valve box which will be located on the beach approximately 50m from the shoreline. This area will be fenced, locked and appropriate signage displayed for public information and safety.

Users of Stubbs Bay and by extension the general public are therefore being advised that the work is scheduled to begin on August 1st   and will run through August 31st  2017. During this period heavy machinery will be operating and materials required for the installation will be stored on the beach. You are therefore asked to take note and to exercise every caution when in this area.

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