Additional Heavy Equipment for Argyle Airport

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The final five (5) of twelve (12) trucks formerly owned by the British Army and bought by the International Airport Development Company (IADC) have arrived in the country.
The trucks that were bought from the British firm, L. Jackson & Co. were moved to the airport site yesterday, November 23rd. Seven (7) of the twelve (12) trucks arrived earlier, on October 28th. All of the trucks are being used to assist with the transportation of soil and rocks on the airport site.

IADC also received last month two motor scrapers, purchased from Politiri Holdings Ltd of Canada. With the additional equipment on site, IADC projects to complete 30% of the total earthworks by December. The pace of work on the site is expected to increase even further with additional equipment expected to arrive here within the first quarter of 2010.

According to Professorr Leonardo Perez, Consultant Engineer, work on the project has advanced significantly and is now one week ahead of schedule. From now until December 2009, work on the site would be concentrated on the 1st kilometer of the runway, which represents 65% of the total earthworks to be done.

The Cuban workers are scheduled to leave St. Vincent and the Grenadines by mid December for one month vacation in Cuba. This would allow them time to spend Christmas with their families before returning here in mid January to resume work on the project.

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