Rose Hall Community supports International Airport Project

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Community Support for the Argyle International Airport went up several notches when the Rose Hall Cultural and Development Organization staged a Cultural Display on the project site on Sunday August 30th, 2009.
Residents of North Leeward supported by residents of other communities including: Stubbs, Argyle, Mt Pleasant and surrounding areas turned out in fair numbers to view the cultural package and to see the progress being made on the construction of the airport.

CEO of the International Airport Development Company Dr. Rudy Matthias, welcomed the gathering and expressed gratitude to the Rose Hall Cultural and Development Organization, whose initiative it was to stage the display. He also used his vantage point to explain to those in attendance exactly what is taking place at Argyle. President of the Rose Hall Cultural and Development Organization, Hayden Ferdinand, explained that the Argyle International Airport is very important to Rose Hall and generally to North Leeward. According to him, they see the potential for development in the agriculture sector which is an important part of their local economy and for tourism as North Leeward boasts many tourism sites.

Describing the construction of the Argyle International Airport as a do or die situation, Ferdinand said, the airport can be built and the country go forward or don't build it and get left behind.
During his presentation, area representative for North Leeward, Dr. the Hon. Jerold Thompson called on every Vincentian to support the airport project. Speaking at Sunday's event Dr. Thompson said this is the largest project in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and its impact is going to be tremendous. He said the government has been creative in the way it has gone about financing the airport, and it is important for Vincentians to contribute to this project. According to Minister Thompson if other countries are helping us then we need to play our part.

He further congratulated the Rose Hall Cultural and Development Organization for playing its part no matter how small it may seem. Sunday's Cultural Display saw performances from the South East Steel Orchestra, Renaissance Dancers, Zamfair Adams (Calypso) and the Rose Hall Cultural and Development Organization with their Maypole, Quadrille, and Boom Drum, among others.

A total of $869.00 was collected at Sunday's event. This money was deposited in the account of the AIA Contributory Fund.
In other related news, the biggest contribution made to the Argyle International Airport Contributory fund to date, was made at Sunday's Cultural Display in Argyle. The contribution of $50,000.00 was made by National Properties limited.
The presentation was made by Merle Williams of National Properties Limited and was accepted by Dr. Rudy Matthias on behalf of the Trustees of the fund.

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