Two thousand years of civilization

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The history of St Vincent and the Grenadines is looking much different now as archaeologists who worked at Escape in Argyle, part of the international airport site, conclude that civilization existed here at least two thousand years ago and possible beyond.

During their archaeological excavations the team led by Jo Moravetz, and including Margarita Guzman, Jode Mackay and Taylor Graham discovered pottery dating back 2000 years and other trinkets buried inside shallow graves with people remains. Moravetz noted that the style of some of the pottery are indicative of the saladoid, a pottery style associated with the Arawaks who first came to St Vincent, before the Caribs and the Europeans, who followed Christopher Columbus. Moravetz also noted that the style of pottery later changed reflecting the change in the types of people who lived here at varying times. He noted that some of them are reflective of those (Suazey) produced by the Caribs some 1500 years ago.

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves visited the site on Friday March 6th and expressed satisfaction with the work done by the Team of Canadian Archaeologists. In addition to the numerous pieces of pottery and stone axes, they also unearthed 22 skeletons and found some 500 post holes, evidence that back then houses were built on the site.

Lead archaeologist Jo Moravetz, noted that the site cannot be considered a burial ground in the same way that we know burial grounds today, since it was tradition for the people at that time to burry their dead under or just outside the house. The Archaeologists wrap up their work today Tuesday and leave the state tomorrow Wednesday March 11th.

In related news, Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, has revealed that a master plan is being developed by Mexican Professor and expert in the development of international airports Professor Fredrico Dovali, for the international airport at Argyle which will chart the airports development for 25 years after its built. The Prime Minister said they are thinking of as many things as possible to make the project complete so that it does not create problems later for those who would be managing it.

He also expressed satisfaction with the advancement of the work on the airport project so far, but noted that another 5 pieces of equipment are needed to advance the work even further. He noted that these equipment are being sourced through a mixture of lease and purchase.

In addition to the heavy earthworks underway, a fuel station has been set up on the site and a workshop is nearing completion. The new Argyle main road is also nearing completion and infrastructure on the site to house the new Roman Catholic Church, Rectory, Parking Lot, Cemetery and Shrine are in place.

The international airport at Argyle is expected to be completed by early 2012.

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